Overhear, Over here (Sound-installation, October 2012)

The work creates a moment of alienation that occurs when you place yourself between the two speakers.
You hear a similar melody but the left speaker produces a different language than the right. It refers to my own experience as a young child immigrating to Aruba from the Netherlands. I began learning the language by listening to Aruban nursery rhymes. Oftentimes, they were the same songs that I was familiar with in the Dutch language, but the text was in Papiamento.  This brought about an initial confusion because the songs sounded identical in terms of melody, but the content was often different.
As children, we tend to experience the first things we learn as some sort of absolute truth. In growing older I’ve gradually come to believe that there is no absolute truth, only a combination of perspectives. Acceptance is therefore an essential tool I use to get beyond the state of confusion.

Listen to the audio here

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