No Friction without Dissonance (Series of Interventions part of the graduation of the Material Utopia Master program, June 2015)

In music, consonance and dissonance reside in perpetual divergence, defining each other by mutual exclusion.

My interventions cultivate delicate moments of dissonance in our daily routine. The work often takes the form of site-specific interventions that question the hierarchy of elements: which are, or rather, are not allowed to be in this context?

For the graduation show I appropriated architectural predicaments within the exhibition space as the starting point for the work. A fuse box on the wall, usually deemed as problematic within an exhibition space, gets integrated into an installation and is therefore amplified instead of understated. 

By carefully reproducing everyday objects, making them fragile and playing on their functionality, a material transformation evokes objects that are affirming their own ambivalence.

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